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  1. Scores for 10/17

    Well, that's your opinion. In my opinion, it shows school spirit and pride and is no different than people doing it at football games, which is also an all-age event.
  2. Scores for 10/17

    It's only showing some school spirit. I hate looking around and seeing bands leaving early, not cheering for other bands, or heck, not even cheering that much for their own. It was nice to see some more schools with some spirit this year, especially since a freshman guy in my band started that stadium-wide wave. I also didn't like the whole wedding thing either--I mean, did anyone? As a band member, I felt extremely inferior. I mean I know a wedding is a couple's "special day" and all, but how about planning a little better? The music was extremely distracting during some of the class A band field performances. I didn't like how everything felt so rushed this year, especially since our field performance was at 7:43 AM... Yay stadium waves! It went far, =]
  3. Scores for 10/17

    Hersey did win, they finished with the Governor's Trophy. And really? Calling parents to drive 2 hours to pick up their kids because they're showing school spirit and pride?
  4. 2009 Illini Marching Band Festival Schedule

    Can somebody please explain to me the logic behind going to a parade/field competition (specifically U of I), and only participating in field? Aside from money issues, what is the point in spending a day there when it's impossible to compete for Governor's Cup?
  5. 2009 Illini Marching Band Festival Schedule

    is the scoring the same as always? or has it been changed?
  6. Scores for the weekend of 9/26

    Monticello got second, shift your others down one. Class A 1. Eureka 2. Monticello 3. Tri-Valley 4. Watseka I'm not sure on any others... but I believe that Tri-Valley won Percussion and Eureka won all others. Pontiac Class A 1st Eureka 73.33 (Aux, DM, Winds) 2nd Monticello 65.67 3rd Tri-Valley 52.00 (Perc) 4 Watseka 47.00 Class 2A 1st Prairie Central 69.67(Perc) 2nd Herscher 69.33 (Aux) 3rd Streator 68.67 (DM, Winds) 3A 1st Romeoville 72.33 (Perc, Winds) 2nd Normal Community 69.00 (Aux) 3rd Yorkville 62.00 (DM) 4A 1st Washington 79.33 (Winds) 2nd Joliet West 74.00 (Perc, Aux, DM,) 3rd Minooka 67.00 Great Atmosphere, as always at Pontiac and kudos to the Pontiac Band! They sound and look great! And as far as Dan Moore is concerned, he's selling and the NN kids are buying! Anywhere Dan has gone, he has enstilled great pride and very high performance levels. Give him and their band their dues! He has turned around that program in a very short amount of time. ahh, thanks for this. last night was crazy, i was having a hard time remembering. thanks again!
  7. 2009 Illini Marching Band Festival Schedule

    Yeah, that's why I was confused. Still am. =\ I guess I'll find out for sure in time to come. =]
  8. Scores for the weekend of 9/26

    I'm not sure on these at all, I didn't write it down, but here's what I think it is. I'm probably wrong on a few. Class A 1. Eureka 2. Tri-Valley (?) 3. Watseka (?) 4. Monticello Class AA 1. Prairie Central 2. Streator (?) 3. Herscher (?) Class AAA (i'm pretty sure these are right, correct me if i'm wrong.) 1. Normal Community 2. Romeoville 3. Yorkville Class AAA 1. Washington 2. Joliet (?) 3. Minooka (?) GRAND CHAMP: Washington that one i'm sure of, =] again, sorry for the uncertainty. this post was probably pointless then, lol.
  9. 2009 Illini Marching Band Festival Schedule

    i heard today that the parade was canceled? is that true? =\
  10. Washington Invitational - Sept 12, 2009

    ohh, probably, because i didn't hear anything. :-/
  11. What made YOU join marching band?

    i had starting band in 5th grade, and in my high school, if you're gonna be in band, you're required to do marching band, pep band, and concert band. lol, so i kinda never "decided" to do it. but i love it! =D
  12. Pontiac Indian Showdown

    it'll be fun!
  13. If you could create a marching show...

    i love vesuvius!
  14. 2008 Illini Marching Band Festival

    whoops, U of I isn't tomorrow, and the forecast for SATURDAY is sunny! =DD
  15. 2008 Illini Marching Band Festival

    you guys, what will they do if it rains tomorrow at U of I?
  16. 2008 Illini Marching Band Festival

    what makes you eligible for the governor's cup? do you HAVE to do parade? and what decides who does and doesn't do parade? first come first serve?
  17. ISU Results/Scores

    Please do not say things that you do not know about....not only was Pontiac reminded about the college/high school hash marks prior to Saturday, they were reminded about them as we walked up the endzone, on the back sideline, as we walked across the back hashes, before we warmed up on the field, after we warmed up on the field, and again prior to the drum major salute. The problem really is that we are young and made a mistake that will not happen again as I am sure that our band directors will ensure that we correct the problem. Also, thanks for being a fan and thanks for stating the obvious. lol, okay. well, i was just saying what i was told. i shouldn't be saying they weren't reminded because i was up in the stands, but i was told that only about half of the band could hear schickel say it and the other half didn't hear what they said. and yes, i know they were reminded thursday and friday. but anyway, they ARE a young band, and i'm proud of them. and it's great that the other half of them could experience ISU and U of I in two weeks. this year, juniors and seniors were the only ones who had been to ISU prior, remember? oh well, schmink, schickel, and cheek will work them hard and they'll be great.
  18. 2008 Illini Marching Band Festival

    I don't understand the classes. What's B/C/D? I've only ever been to competitions where there's A, 2A, 3A, etc. please explain? and at U of I, is it based off band size or school size?
  19. ISU Results/Scores

    i'm kinda disappointed Pontiac only got 3rd (because i support Pontiac), but they didn't know about the college/high school hash marks, they weren't reminded beforehand, so they were never covered down horizontally. also, they need to work on their music and flag work. but i'm glad they placed, but hopefully they'll get a better score at U of I in two weeks. =]