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  1. Marian band article

    A few go into broadcasting in college, only one of them has really succeeded (from what I know) and now works on the set of Big Brother. Oh and one last thing: But back in the day, (I may get the dates wrong on this but here it goes) Limestone was an absolute MONSTER of a band back in the late 70s through the 80's. Under the direction of a Mr. Cunningham, the band had almost 250 kids. Just goes to show that the director really is the #1 factor for bands.
  2. Marian band article

    Haha, ok a little off topic, but here it goes. It started circa 1996, I don't really know how this all started, but I'm assuming it would go some thing like "Hey, the kids want to do this, so lets try it, and if it works out, we'll keep on doing it." And so far it is only a television broadcast within the school, but they record every episode and post it on their website (http://www.lchstv.com/) for both the kids and the parents to watch. It's teacher supervised, but besides that all student run. Students are assigned weekly task to do so they can run it on air, i.e. introduction videos and credits. Also included are specials on either extracurriculars that go on within the school or community. Very recently they just started showing a dramedy miniseries with it's own cast and storyline and writing staff. The class is a credited course, but you have to do the majority of the work outside of school.
  3. Marian band article

    Just another FYI from me. Success = Support = Money. Up until the last four years, Limestone hasn't had a real good band program. But they have had a very successful broadcasting station within the school over the past decade. So much so that the school has put at least $70,000 into the broadcasting station over the last two years (including two new cameras, a new technical director station, four new computers, three new hand held cameras, a low end green screen, and two new monitors for another computer). And I don't see any other school within the area with a broadcasting station (and if there is, I haven't seen on as good as Limestone's). Now Limestone's band is rising rather quickly to success, soon more focus will be on the band than on, lets say the football team, or the speech team, or the drama club. If the band is still successful than the school is going to put more money into them, expecting more back, because the band's success reflects the schools success as teachers and an institution of education. Bartonville may not have a population of 30,000+ people, they may not have as many kids, they may not have as many programs or as many staff members who have master degrees or doctorates but they are not as poor as you think. We are just going to have to wait and see.
  4. Marian band article

    FYI, the Limestone staff isn't there everyday, and they are not paid beyond band camp, so they are only there for band camp and the beginning of the season, the rest of the year they are volunteers. I don't know if they are paid by the school or the band program through the boosters either. Also, the staff is made up of previous students who are now attending college. From a quick look at the list, 5 of the 9 staff listed are college students who aren't there/can't be there on a daily basis. I also don't think that this staff list is up to date, some of the people listed I haven't seen at all this year. Just thought you'd like to know.
  5. Who wins Class A Field at U of I?

    I was pretty set on what might happen in this class, but after this weekend, my predictions have been pretty much shaken up. With Limestone beating Washington at Metamora and consistently beating Dunlap on the field I think they have a very good shot. But Washington has a week to put everything together, since I heard that Metamora was the first competition that they put their closer on the field. At the Morton Pumpkin Festival 2 points was the only thing that separated Limestone and Bloomington, so at this point in the game I feel this can go any which way.
  6. 2009 Shows

    God, I hope not. Although at least four different bands the 2007 season (I think) did Wicked.
  7. Downloading shows

    Who ever knew that marching band would be such a complicated beast. And no music by Thomas Newman?!?! There goes a Wall-E show.
  8. Downloading shows

    Exactly, I'm rather saddened by the fact that people can't share the music with others, because there's so many previous shows that I want to see, and yet can't. I wonder if the same rules apply with just audio.
  9. Downloading shows

    I know that this isn't a torrent website, but I was wondering if anyone knew of any sites where I could find and download marching shows or audio, I can't seem to find any anywhere. I'm currently looking for L.D. Bell's Trilogy, you could once watch them on Youtube, but after a dispute with Mr. Video they had to take them off.
  10. If you could create a marching show...

    whoa, those were really awesome, and pretty spectacular, you should see the Golden Overtone's perform Let Go by Frou Frou, seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVXtawJXcbg
  11. If you could create a marching show...

    Does that include his newest work, Nox Aurumque?
  12. If you could create a marching show...

    This one just sprung on me. "Never Far Away: The Music of Yoko Kanno" Friends Separated/Escape Trace Go to "Rakuen" Although the music (I think) is too "gentle" for an actual marching band show, it is all gorgeous. The story follows two friends (or siblings) celebrating themselves and their friendships (Friends), and eventually being torn away from each other by unseen forces (Separated), afterwards the two start planning and executing their Escape. The two after several years apart begin to look for each other (Trace). They, of course, eventually find one another, and explode into a climactic ending (Go to "Rakuen")
  13. ISU Concert Band Festival 2009

    1A: I'd have to go with Tri-Valley 2A: I'd say it would have to be pretty close race between Limestone and Pontiac, but I'm going to have to lean towards Pontiac. 3A: Marian Catholic 2, no doubts in my mind 4A: Marian Catholic 1, same 5A: Bloomington 6A: Joliet Central was pretty amazing last night, and I (sadly) won't get to see West play tonight, but I'm going to say Joliet West for this one. Grand Champ: Marion Catholic 1
  14. If you could create a marching show...

    I wasn't too impressed by the Watchmen score. I think it's mostly because I'm not a huge fan of Tyler Bates, the only songs I really enjoyed where Rescue Mission and I Love You, Mom and the constant ticking in the background for clockwork.
  15. If you could create a marching show...

    Yeah, it was formed by Nobuo Uematsu himself, which automatically makes it good