Bands of America Super Regional Championships: St. Louis, MO: St. Louis, MO - October 21, 2016

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Grand Champion: Broken Arrow, OK

Links: Finals, Prelims

Field 1A:

68.400 Archbishop Alter, OH (Music, Visual, GE)

59.200 Monticello

Field 2A:

84.950 Fort Zumwalt North, MO (Visual)

84.300 Air Academy, CO (GE)

83.550 Grain Valley, MO (Music)

82.350 Liberty, CO

76.350 Marshall, MN

76.150 Mahomet-Seymour

74.600 Blue Valley, KS

72.550 Rockwood Summit, MO

70.050 Camdenton, MO

69.300 River Falls, WI

69.150 Blue Valley West, KS

66.250 Rock Island

66.250 Fort Zumwalt East, MO

64.750 Willard, MO

64.700 Parkway Central, MO

60.550 Marshall County, KY

60.450 Waukesha North, WI

59.650 East Peoria

59.600 Park Hill South, MO

59.350 Metamora

58.450 Neosho, MO

57.150 Parkway West, MO

52.500 Sauk Prairie, WI

Field 3A:

87.900 Rosemount, MN (Music, Visual, GE (tie))

85.750 Bellevue West, NE (GE (tie))

85.250 Richland, TX

83.450 Bixby, OK

81.100 Blue Springs South, MO

80.100 Lincoln, SD

76.600 Birdville, TX

75.750 Kickapoo, MO

75.300 Jefferson City, MO

75.100 Lindbergh, MO

74.850 Fairview, CO

74.450 Wentzville Holt, MO

70.800 Nixa, MO

69.100 Normal West

68.800 Choctaw, OK

67.850 Rock Bridge, MO

66.050 Olathe East, KS

65.150 Roosevelt, SD

64.600 Timberland, MO

64.150 Parkway South, MO

63.150 David H. Hickman, MO

61.800 Collinsville

61.100 Francis Howell Central, MO

58.900 Wheaton Warrenville South

57.050 Fox, MO

Field 4A:

93.250 Broken Arrow, OK (Music, Visual, GE)

91.000 Blue Springs, MO

86.800 Owasso, OK

86.250 O'Fallon Township

86.100 Union, OK

83.950 Jenks, OK

83.250 Haltom, TX

83.000 Bentonville, AR

82.500 Eden Prairie, MN

78.300 Lakota East, OH

76.900 Keller Fossil Ridge, TX

75.450 Belleville East

75.250 Fayetteville, AR

71.200 Eastview, MN


94.500 Broken Arrow, OK (Music, Visual, GE)

91.650 Blue Springs, MO

89.000 Owasso, OK

88.400 Bellevue West, NE

88.200 Union, OK

87.350 O'Fallon Township

87.100 Rosemount, MN

85.300 Richland, TX

83.750 Haltom, TX

83.300 Air Academy, CO

82.400 Grain Valley, MO

81.500 Fort Zumwalt North, MO

81.200 Jenks, OK

80.150 Bixby, OK

Field Exb:

Laquey, MO

Notes: 64 bands appear with scores. 65 bands performed in prelims, Laquey, MO selected "Festival Rating Only" for their participation. Festival Rating Only bands and their scores do not appear on recaps.

In the event of a tie, rank is determined on the highest General Effect score.

Contact Information:

Bands of America
Festival Website



Celebrating their 41st year, Bands of America presents the Regional Championships presented by Yamaha.
A 2 day Prelims/Finals event that routinely brings out the best bands in the nation to compete. Classes are determined by school size. Trophies are given for Placement, Outstanding Music, Outstanding Visual, and Outstanding General Effect.

Blank Score Sheet

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Festival Address: 701 Convention Plaza, St. Louis, MO 63101

Performance Schedule:

Printer Friendly Schedule

FieldField Day 2
10:30 AM: David H. Hickman, MO
10:45 AM: Timberland, MO
11:00 AM: Collinsville
11:15 AM: Belleville East
11:30 AM: Wheaton Warrenville South
11:45 AM: Liberty, CO
12:00 PM: Parkway West, MO
12:15 PM: Marshall County, KY
12:30 PM: Parkway Central, MO
12:45 PM: Fort Zumwalt North, MO
1:00 PM: Monticello
1:15 PM: Mahomet-Seymour

1:30 PM: Break

2:15 PM: East Peoria
2:30 PM: Normal West
2:45 PM: Lakota East, OH
3:00 PM: Laquey, MO
3:15 PM: Rock Bridge, MO
3:30 PM: Owasso, OK
3:45 PM: Fairview, CO
4:00 PM: Wentzville Holt, MO
4:15 PM: Parkway South, MO
4:30 PM: O'Fallon Township

4:30 PM: Awards

4:45 PM: Union, OK

5:00 PM: Break

6:00 PM: Kickapoo, MO
6:15 PM: Blue Valley, KS
6:30 PM: Lindbergh, MO
6:45 PM: Fort Zumwalt East, MO
7:00 PM: Grain Valley, MO
7:15 PM: Fox, MO
7:30 PM: Air Academy, CO
7:45 PM: Francis Howell Central, MO
8:00 PM: Rockwood Summit, MO
8:15 PM: Jefferson City, MO
8:30 PM: Sauk Prairie, WI
8:45 PM: Park Hill South, MO
7:30 AM: Blue Springs South, MO
7:45 AM: Waukesha North, WI
8:00 AM: Eastview, MN
8:15 AM: Keller Fossil Ridge, TX
8:30 AM: Nixa, MO
8:45 AM: Metamora
9:00 AM: Roosevelt, SD
9:15 AM: Marshall, MN
9:30 AM: River Falls, WI
9:45 AM: Fayetteville, AR

10:00 AM: Break

10:30 AM: Blue Springs, MO
10:45 AM: Richland, TX
11:00 AM: Archbishop Alter, OH
11:15 AM: Willard, MO
11:30 AM: Bellevue West, NE
11:45 AM: Haltom, TX
12:00 PM: Lincoln, SD
12:15 PM: Bentonville, AR
12:30 PM: Blue Valley West, KS
12:45 PM: Camdenton, MO

1:00 PM: Break

1:45 PM: Olathe East, KS
2:00 PM: Bixby, OK
2:15 PM: Neosho, MO
2:30 PM: Eden Prairie, MN
2:45 PM: Birdville, TX
3:00 PM: Choctaw, OK
3:15 PM: Rosemount, MN
3:30 PM: Rock Island
3:45 PM: Jenks, OK
4:00 PM: Broken Arrow, OK

Last Updated On: 10-18-2016