Lincoln-Way Invitational: Frankfort, IL - October 19, 2013

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Grand Champion: Lincoln-Way North

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Field 1A:

71.000 Lincoln-Way West (Music, Visual, GE, Auxiliary)

67.750 Providence Catholic

66.300 H.D. Jacobs

65.400 Eureka

60.600 Niles West

57.500 Wheaton North (Percussion)

56.400 Herscher

54.700 Thornwood

49.250 Coal City

48.450 Bremen

Field 2A:

78.850 Lincoln-Way North (Music, Visual, GE, Percussion, Auxiliary)

69.200 Batavia

66.900 Alan B. Shepard

62.400 Thornton Fractional South

59.450 Glenbrook North

55.050 Plainfield South

Field 3A:

76.700 Lockport Township (Music, Visual, GE, Auxiliary)

63.750 Minooka Community (Percussion)

61.700 United Township

61.150 Huntley

Contact Information:

Bert Johnson
Festival Website



This year\\\'s event will be held at Lincoln-Way East High School. Schools will be classified according to band size with awards in each class consisting of Outstanding Musical Performance, Outstanding Visual Performance, Outstanding General Effect, Outstanding Percussion and Outstanding Auxiliary.

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Performance Schedule:

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Class 1A
4:00 PM: Bremen
4:15 PM: Wheaton North
4:30 PM: Thornwood
4:45 PM: Niles West
5:00 PM: Coal City

5:15 PM: Break

Class 1A
5:30 PM: Herscher
5:45 PM: Lincoln-Way West
6:00 PM: H.D. Jacobs
6:15 PM: Eureka
6:30 PM: Providence Catholic

6:45 PM: Lincoln-Way Central

7:00 PM: Break

Class 2A
7:30 PM: Thornton Fractional South
7:45 PM: Glenbrook North
8:00 PM: Plainfield South
8:15 PM: Alan B. Shepard
8:30 PM: Batavia
8:45 PM: Lincoln-Way North

9:00 PM: Break

Class 3A
9:15 PM: United Township
9:30 PM: Huntley
9:45 PM: Minooka Community
10:00 PM: Lockport Township

10:15 PM: Lincoln-Way East
10:30 PM: University of Wisconsin Eau Claire

10:45 PM: Awards

Festival Address - 201 Colorado Avenue, Frankfort, IL

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