Olympia Marching Spartans Invitational : Stanford, IL - September 29, 2012

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Grand Champion: Bloomington

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Field 1A:

597.500 Farmington (Music, Visual, GE, Auxiliary)

534.500 El Paso-Gridley

526.000 Fieldcrest (Percussion)

497.500 Ridgeview

Field 2A:

721.500 University (Music, Visual, GE, Percussion, Auxiliary)

588.000 Tolono Unity

577.000 Jacksonville

Field 3A:

762.000 Bloomington (Music, Visual, GE, Percussion, Auxiliary)

614.500 Hinsdale South

Notes: Best Overall Auxiliary: Farmington
Best Overall Percussion: Bloomington

Contact Information:

Olympia Band Boosters
Festival Website



Join us as we celebrate 26 years of marching excellence at Olympia High School. This is a great way to get a feel for your competition season.

New in 2012 is an optional clinic with one of our judges.

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Judging Panel

Music Individual: Greg Jasek
Music Ensemble: George York
Visual Individual: Scott Jones
Visual Ensemble: Michael Vaughn
Music General Effect: Andrew Tye
Music General Effect: Jeff Waggoner
Visual General Effect: Greg Marquis
Auxiliary: Dan Swallow
Percussion: John Larson
Timing & Penalties: Andrew Tinsman

Festival Address: 7832 North 100 East Road, Stanford, IL 61774

Performance Schedule:

Printer Friendly Schedule

Class 1A
5:00 PM: El Paso-Gridley
5:15 PM: Fieldcrest
5:30 PM: Ridgeview
5:45 PM: Farmington

6:00 PM: Break

Class 2A
6:30 PM: Jacksonville
6:45 PM: Tolono Unity
7:00 PM: University

Class 3A
7:15 PM: Hinsdale South
7:30 PM: Bloomington

7:45 PM: Break

8:00 PM: Olympia

8:30 PM: Awards

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