Bands of America Regional Championships: Louisville, KY: Louisville, KY - September 22, 2012

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Grand Champion: North Hardin, KY

Links: Prelims, Finals

Field 1A:

73.050 Adair County, KY (Music, Visual, GE)

55.050 La Salle, OH

Field 2A:

75.100 North Hardin, KY (Music, Visual, GE)

58.600 Tennessee, TN

56.450 Montgomery County, KY

54.400 Scottsburg, IN

Field 3A:

75.150 Lafayette, KY (Music, Visual, GE)

66.500 Milford, OH

65.000 McGavock, TN

63.650 Central Hardin, KY

62.900 Henry Clay, KY

61.550 Oakville, MO

61.500 Jeffersonville, IN

Field 4A:

72.100 Ben Davis, IN (General Effect)

71.200 O'Fallon Township (Music, Visual)

69.150 Lincoln-Way East

62.700 Naperville North

61.700 Belleville East


75.900 North Hardin, KY (Music, General Effect)

75.550 Lafayette, KY (Visual)

72.700 Ben Davis, IN

72.100 Adair County, KY

70.750 O'Fallon Township

69.850 Lincoln-Way East

67.000 Milford, OH

65.250 Central Hardin, KY

65.100 McGavock, TN

63.700 Henry Clay, KY

Contact Information:

Bands of America
Festival Website



Celebrating their 37th year, Bands of America presents the Regional Championships presented by Yamaha.
A Prelims/Finals event that routinely brings out the best bands in the nation to compete. Classes are determined by school size. Trophies are given for Placement, Outstanding Music, Outstanding Visual, and Outstanding General Effect.

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Judging Panel

George Boulden
Glen Fugett
Albert Lo
David Morrison

Mike Anderson
John Howell
Frank Miller

Chief Judge:
Gary Markham

Festival Address: 2800 S. Floyd St., Louisville, KY 40209

Performance Schedule:

Printer Friendly Schedule

10:45 AM: Jeffersonville, IN
11:00 AM: Montgomery County, KY
11:15 AM: Scottsburg, IN
11:30 AM: Henry Clay, KY
11:45 AM: La Salle, OH

12:00 PM: Break

1:00 PM: Lincoln-Way East
1:15 PM: Ben Davis, IN
1:30 PM: Tennessee, TN
1:45 PM: Central Hardin, KY
2:00 PM: Milford, OH
2:15 PM: Belleville East

2:30 PM: Break

2:45 PM: Naperville North
3:00 PM: McGavock, TN
3:15 PM: O'Fallon Township
3:30 PM: Oakville, MO
3:45 PM: Lafayette, KY
4:00 PM: Adair County, KY
4:15 PM: North Hardin, KY

4:45 PM: Awards

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