Shelbyville Marching Festival: Shelbyville, IL - October 22, 2011

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Grand Champion: Monticello

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Parade C/D:

78.000 Atwood-Hammond (Music, Percussion, Auxiliary)

76.000 Okaw Valley (DM)

64.000 Pana

53.500 Nokomis

Parade B:

78.000 Sullivan (Music, Auxiliary)

72.000 Rantoul Township (DM, Percussion)

Parade A/AA:

92.000 Monticello (Music, DM, Auxiliary)

87.500 Paris Cooperative

86.000 Robinson

80.000 Mattoon (Percussion)

Field C/D:

68.000 Oblong (Music)

67.000 Atwood-Hammond (Auxiliary)

62.000 Pana (Percussion)

61.750 Hazelwood East

59.250 Nokomis

55.500 Georgetown-Ridge Farm

52.000 Okaw Valley (DM)

Field B:

88.000 Murphysboro (Music, Percussion)

76.000 Sullivan (Auxiliary)

73.000 Sangamon Valley (DM)

68.500 Rantoul Township

Field 1A:

82.000 Mattoon (Music, DM, Percussion, Auxiliary)

54.500 Sherrard, IL

Field 2A:

89.000 Monticello (Music)

79.500 Paris Cooperative

75.500 Robinson (DM, Percussion, Auxiliary)

Contact Information:

Emma Burrows
Festival Website



Billed as a \\\"cheap alternative to University of Illinois.\\\" Parade/field format.

Overall awards are given to all participants in all classes, and "best in class" awards are given in each class for each caption, including "Drum Major," "Auxiliary," "Percussion," and "Music." Classes are determined by band size.

For more information, email Emma Burrows, director of bands at Shelbyville, at

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Performance Schedule:

Printer Friendly Schedule

2:30 PM: Shelbyville

Class C/D
2:38 PM: Okaw Valley
2:46 PM: Pana
2:54 PM: Atwood-Hammond
3:02 PM: Nokomis

Class B
3:10 PM: Sullivan
3:18 PM: Rantoul Township

Class A/AA
3:24 PM: Mattoon
3:32 PM: Paris Cooperative
3:40 PM: Robinson
3:48 PM: Monticello
Class C/D
5:00 PM: Hazelwood East
5:15 PM: Oblong
5:30 PM: Georgetown-Ridge Farm
5:45 PM: Okaw Valley
6:00 PM: Pana
6:15 PM: Atwood-Hammond
6:30 PM: Nokomis

6:45 PM: Break

Class B
7:00 PM: Sullivan
7:15 PM: Sangamon Valley
7:30 PM: Murphysboro
7:45 PM: Rantoul Township

Class 1A
8:00 PM: Sherrard, IL
8:15 PM: Mattoon

Class 2A
8:30 PM: Monticello
8:45 PM: Paris Cooperative
9:00 PM: Robinson

9:15 PM: Shelbyville

9:30 PM: Awards

Festival Address - 1001 W. North 6th St., Shelbyville, IL 62565

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