Greater St. Louis Marching Band Festival: St. Louis, Missouri - October 22, 2011

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Grand Champion: O'Fallon Township

Field 1A:

74.450 Collinsville (Music, Visual)

71.100 Parkway West, MO (GE)

69.800 Windsor, MO

66.200 Aurora, MO

65.750 Marquette, MO

65.700 Blue Valley Southwest, KS

64.000 Poplar Bluff, MO

64.000 Republic, MO

63.350 Fort Zumwalt East, MO

62.750 Metamora

55.950 Christian, MO

Field 2A:

80.550 Lafayette, MO (Visual)

79.750 Cape Central, MO (GE)

79.450 Wheaton Warrenville South (Music)

77.750 Francis Howell, MO

76.350 Fort Zumwalt South, MO

74.300 Granite City

73.350 Alton

72.950 Hickman, MO

72.650 Francis Howell North, MO

71.150 Parkway South, MO

69.850 St. Charles West, MO

49.850 Rushville-Industry

Field 3A:

77.250 Rockwood Summit, MO (Music, GE)

74.450 Fort Zumwalt North, MO (Visual)

74.050 Normal West

68.950 Fox, MO

68.100 Normal Community

67.600 Timberland, MO

67.500 Pattonville, MO

66.700 Parkway North, MO

66.000 Francis Howell Central, MO

62.850 Fort Zumwalt West, MO

59.100 Parkway Central, MO

Field 4A:

86.900 O'Fallon Township (Music, Visual, GE)

84.100 Lindbergh, MO

79.950 Oakville, MO

79.450 Camdenton, MO

78.150 Jefferson City, MO

77.700 Belleville East

77.650 Washington, MO

69.050 Ozark, MO

68.200 Rolla, MO

68.100 Nixa, MO

67.850 Farmington, MO

65.300 Neosho, MO

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The 40th Annual Greater St. Louis Marching Band Festival provides an opportunity for evaluation of outstanding high school marching bands in a first-class professional venue, the Edward Jones Dome which includes comfortable stadium seating, exhibits and indoor warm-up rooms.

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Judging Panel

Blue and Silver Division

George Boulden
Beth Fabrizio
Carl Bly

Keith Baker
Eric Sabach
Kevin McNulty

Red and Gold Division

Bill Doyle
Joe Allison
Rob James

Marie Czapinski
Tom McNally
Ed Warren

Festival Address: 701 Convention Plaza, St. Louis, MO 63101

Performance Schedule:

Printer Friendly Schedule

Class 1A
9:15 AM: Marquette, MO
9:30 AM: Metamora
9:45 AM: Christian, MO
10:00 AM: Republic, MO
10:15 AM: Blue Valley Southwest, KS
10:30 AM: Windsor, MO
10:45 AM: Fort Zumwalt East, MO
11:00 AM: Aurora, MO
11:15 AM: Poplar Bluff, MO
11:30 AM: Collinsville
11:45 AM: Parkway West, MO

Class 2A
12:00 PM: Granite City
12:15 PM: Francis Howell North, MO
12:30 PM: Parkway South, MO
12:45 PM: Fort Zumwalt South, MO
1:00 PM: Rushville-Industry
1:15 PM: Alton
1:30 PM: St. Charles West, MO
1:45 PM: Cape Central, MO
2:00 PM: Francis Howell, MO
2:15 PM: Wheaton Warrenville South
2:30 PM: Hickman, MO
2:45 PM: Lafayette, MO

Class 3A
3:15 PM: Francis Howell Central, MO
3:30 PM: Parkway Central, MO
3:45 PM: Fort Zumwalt West, MO
4:00 PM: Normal Community
4:15 PM: Fort Zumwalt North, MO
4:30 PM: Pattonville, MO
4:45 PM: Fox, MO
5:00 PM: Timberland, MO
5:15 PM: Normal West
5:30 PM: Parkway North, MO
5:45 PM: Rockwood Summit, MO

Class 4A
6:00 PM: Farmington, MO
6:15 PM: Nixa, MO
6:30 PM: Lindbergh, MO
6:45 PM: Oakville, MO
7:00 PM: Ozark, MO
7:15 PM: Rolla, MO
7:30 PM: Belleville East
7:45 PM: Washington, MO
8:00 PM: Camdenton, MO
8:15 PM: Jefferson City, MO
8:30 PM: Neosho, MO
8:45 PM: O'Fallon Township

9:00 PM: Missouri State University
9:15 PM: 135th US Army Band

9:30 PM: Awards

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