Mt. Zion Marching Music Games: Mt. Zion, IL - September 19, 2009

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Grand Champion: University

Parade 1A:

1) Shelbyville (Auxiliary)

2) Eisenhower

3) Ramsey (DM)

4) Auburn (Percussion)

Parade 2A:

1) Mattoon (Percussion, Auxiliary)

2) Olympia (DM)

Parade 3A:

1) University (Percussion, Auxiliary)

2) Batavia

3) Champaign Centennial (DM)

Field 1A:

63.500 Watseka Community (DM, Auxiliary, Percussion, Music, Marching)

53.490 Sullivan

49.830 Shelbyville

48.000 Auburn

47.160 Bement

Field 2A:

77.650 Lincoln Community (DM, Music)

76.500 Olympia (Percussion, Marching)

63.330 Mattoon (Auxiliary)

61.670 Sangamon Valley

Field 3A:

83.660 Washington Community (Percussion, Auxiliary, Music, Marching)

80.000 Champaign Centennial

79.660 University (DM)

68.670 Batavia

Contact Information:

Tim Page
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Mt. Zion Marching Braves presents the 6th Annual Marching Music Games. Highlights of the contest include excellent judges and critique, an afternoon parade and evening field competition under the lights, conveniently located warm-up fields, hospitality rooms and free meals for directors and staff, great concessions and competition based on band size. 1st, 2nd, 3rd place trophies in each class in parade and field show. Best in class trophies in each class in parade and field show (Best Drum Major, Best Drum Line, Best Auxiliary), Grand Champion regardless of class.

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Performance Schedule:

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4:18 PM: Mt. Zion Jr. High
4:24 PM: Mt. Zion

Class 1A
4:30 PM: Ramsey
4:36 PM: Auburn
4:42 PM: Shelbyville

Class 2A
4:48 PM: Olympia
4:54 PM: Mattoon

Class 3A
5:00 PM: Batavia
5:06 PM: University
5:12 PM: Champaign Centennial

Class 1A
5:18 PM: Eisenhower
Class 1A
7:00 PM: Bement
7:14 PM: Watseka Community
7:28 PM: Auburn
7:42 PM: Shelbyville
7:56 PM: Sullivan

Class 2A
8:10 PM: Olympia
8:24 PM: Lincoln Community
8:38 PM: Sangamon Valley
8:52 PM: Mattoon

Class 3A
9:06 PM: Batavia
9:20 PM: University
9:34 PM: Champaign Centennial
9:48 PM: Washington Community

10:02 PM: Mt. Zion