Murphysboro Drums at Appletime: Murphysboro, IL - September 18, 2021

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Grand Champion: McCracken County, KY

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Parade JH:

58.000 Pinckneyville Junior High (DM, Percussion, Auxililary)

56.000 Anna Junior

44.000 DuQuoin Middle

Parade B:

58.000 Trico (DM, Auxiliary, Percussion)

Parade 1A:

83.000 Harrisburg (DM, Auxiliary, Percussion)

65.000 Pinckneyville Community

62.000 Kelly, MO

50.000 Johnston City

Parade 2A:

76.000 Centralia (DM, Auxiliary, Percussion)

Parade 3A:

84.000 Waterloo (DM, Percussion)

78.000 Belleville West (Auxiliary)

Field 1A:

51.400 Kelly, MO (Auxiliary, DM)

47.400 Anna-Jonesboro

46.200 Pinckneyville Community (Percussion)

Field 2A:

64.500 Civic Memorial (Percussion)

63.700 Centralia (Auxiliary, DM)

Field 3A:

77.900 McCracken County, KY (Percussion, DM)

74.500 Waterloo (Auxiliary)

69.600 Belleville West


Contact Information:

Nicholas Williams
Festival Website



*If Bands are for sure participating or are planning to participate in this year\'s competition on Saturday, September 18th, please click this link to RESERVE A COMPETITION SPOT: *NOTE: This is not an official entry form with an option of payment. An official Google Form Entry Form for both Drums at Appletime 2021 and the 2021 Appletime Grand Parade will be posted soon. Due to the ongoing COVID crisis, we are just wanting to know bands that are for sure coming or that are planning to participate. Please do not forget to choose the option of participating in the Parade Only, Drums Only, or Both. Thank you! *Competition Information: On behalf of the Murphysboro Apple Festival Committee, you are cordially invited to participate in the Apple Festival Grand Parade competition and Drums at Appletime Field Show competition on Saturday, September 18, 2021. As has become the tradition, the parade competition will be open to junior high school, middle school, and high school bands. Drums at Appletime is for high school bands only. The Murphysboro Apple Festival has always sought to provide an event that is responsive to the educational needs of bands that participate. We strive to employ the highest quality adjudicators to evaluate your performances. More information will be posted soon about registration. Please consider joining us on Saturday, September 18th for both the Appletime Grand Parade and Drums at Appletime 2021!

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Festival Address: 50 Blackwood Dr., Murphysboro, IL 62966

Performance Schedule:

Printer Friendly Schedule

Class 1A
4:30 PM: Kelly, MO
4:45 PM: Anna-Jonesboro
5:00 PM: Pinckneyville Community

5:15 PM: Break

Class 2A
5:30 PM: Civic Memorial
5:45 PM: Centralia

6:00 PM: Break

Class 3A
6:15 PM: Marion
6:30 PM: Belleville West
6:45 PM: McCracken County, KY
7:00 PM: Waterloo

7:15 PM: Murphysboro

7:30 PM: Awards

Last Updated On: 09-20-2021