Morton Marching Invitational: Morton, IL - September 25, 2021

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Grand Champion: Illinois Valley Central

Links: Finals Recap, Prelims Recap

Field 1A:

53.000 Pekin Community

48.050 University

45.650 Pleasant Plains

44.150 Danville

38.950 Rockford

Field 2A:

64.500 Illinois Valley Central

64.050 Eureka

59.600 LaSalle-Peru

56.850 Macomb

47.350 Ottumwa, IA

Field 3A:

65.050 Minooka Community

64.300 Limestone Community

62.800 Dunlap


67.450 Illinois Valley Central (Winds)

67.350 Eureka (Percussion, Auxiliary)

67.250 Minooka Community

65.200 Limestone Community

65.150 Dunlap

62.450 LaSalle-Peru

58.200 Macomb

55.400 Pekin Community

52.850 University

46.300 Pleasant Plains

43.850 Danville

42.600 Ottumwa, IA

Notes: Rockford did not participate in finals.

Contact Information:

Tim Gray
Festival Website



Morton's 15th Annual Competition! This contest is evolving to a Prelims/Finals event. Prelims will feature clinicians for instant feedback after the band's performance. Finals will have double the judges feedback because of this added element.

Finals begins at 6:15.

Blank Score Sheet

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Festival Address: 350 N. Illinois St., Morton, IL 61550

Performance Schedule:

Printer Friendly Schedule

Class 1A
1:00 PM: Rockford
1:15 PM: University
1:30 PM: Pleasant Plains
1:45 PM: Danville
2:00 PM: Pekin Community

2:15 PM: Break

Class 2A
2:30 PM: LaSalle-Peru
2:45 PM: Macomb
3:00 PM: Eureka
3:15 PM: Illinois Valley Central
3:30 PM: Ottumwa, IA

3:45 PM: Break

Class 3A
4:00 PM: Dunlap
4:15 PM: Limestone Community
4:30 PM: Minooka Community

4:45 PM: Awards

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