Marching Kahoks  Collinsville, IL

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2019 Show
"One Step Closer"

Angels in the Architecture - Frank Ticheli
Nearer, My God, to Thee - Sarah Flower Adams
Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin

2019 Awards & Placements
Metro East Marching Classic
3rd Place in Class 3A Field (Visual)
Morton Marching Invitational
2nd Place in Class 4A Field (Music)
McKendree Preview of Champions
Grand Champion
1st Place in Class 4A Field (Music, Visual, GE, Perc, Guard)
Bands of America Super Regional Championships: St. Louis, MO
9th Place in Class 3A Field
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Robert Wright and Ryan Stack
School Colors
Purple and White
2019 Enrollment n/a   IMO Division n/a
2018 Enrollment n/a   IMO Division n/a

Attending Festivals In 2019

The Collinsville High School Band Program has a strong tradition of excellence in music performance. On a yearly basis, the CHS bands represent Collinsville High School and the communities of Caseyville, Maryville, and Collinsville, through local, statewide, and national performances. The CHS band students rehearse diligently throughout the school year and summer for these performances. Nearly 90% of all band students are involved in more than one performing ensemble. Each May, over half of each graduating class of band students remain involved in music and continue to perform locally or at the collegiate level. Several band students each year decide to make music a career after high school. Through involvement in the band program, students not only improve their musicianship and technique, but also learn life skills such as responsibility, dedication, cooperation, and leadership. This is derived from their individual work towards the betterment of the group.