Rock Falls

 Marching Rockets  Rock Falls, IL

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2018 Show
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2018 Awards & Placements
Geneseo Maple Leaf Classic
2nd Place in Class 2A Field (Winds, Percussion, DM)
Dunlap Marching Band Invitational
1st Place in Class 2A Field (Visual, GE, Percussion)
Limestone Marching Rockets Field Competition
2nd Place in Class 2A Field (Winds, Percussion)
WIU Marching Band Classic
3rd Place in Class 3A Field
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Lindsey Guinand
School Colors
Green and Black
2018 Enrollment n/a   IMO Division n/a
2017 Enrollment 648   IMO Division 3

Attending Festivals In 2018

Illini Marching Band Festival Governors' Trophy Champions: 1974.
Marching Bands of America Grand National Finalist: 1976.

101 12th Ave., Rock Falls, IL 61071